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Hard to see polarizing effects....
1.with all rangefinders
2.due to LCD screen glare
3.through dark/small viewfinders of Digital SLRs
4.especially when using a zoom lens
The solution = The MAX PL KIT

You simply mount the PL Finder on the hotshoe of your camera. Attach the included vernier polarizing filter in front of your lens. Look through the PL Finder, turn the ring on the PL Finder to achieve the desire effect. Note the numerical mark on PL Finder where the white dot is. Adjust the vernier polarizing filter so that the numerical marking on the filter is also pointing at the same direction (ie: inline with the white dot on the PL Finder). Then compose the picture using your camera's viewfinder and take the shot.

Reduce Glare and Reflections
Using the C-PL filter, reflections and glare can be reduced significantly from non-metallic surfaces. A camera angle of 30 degrees from the reflecting surface (glass, water, etc.) is ideal for maximum effect.

Color and Contrast
Enhancement sometimes appears bluish. This is also caused by light polarization. Using the polarizing filter will help to greatly reduce the softness caused by atmospheric haze.
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