NXT Multi-Coated UV

6-Layer Multi Coating - Slim Frame

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A UV filter is a great way to help protect the investment in a lens while improving outdoor photographs. It does this by reducing the effects of atmospheric haze. Best known as a leave-on all the time filter, It can be used indoor or outside. Having a filter on the lens at all times ensures the front of the lens is protected.

Hoya NXT UV filters use high quality optical glass that have 6-layer multi coating, 3 layers each side of the glass, to reduce the chance of reflections or flare that could ruin an otherwise great photo. The multi-coating yields an average light transmission of 97.5%. The NXT UV filters have a precision milled slim frame that makes it perfect for wide-angle as well as telephoto lenses. Even though the frame is thin it still has a full front filter thread that can accept a normal lens cap or stack filters

• 6-layer anti-reflection multi-coating system (3 layers on each side) for 97.5% average reflectance.
• UV filter using optical glass that is precisely ground and polished for perfect flatness
• Heat resistant, high-transparency optical glass
• Precision milled low-profile aluminum frame.

The HOYA NXT series plus the HD2, EVO ANTISTATIC and alpha series filters are manufactured by HOYA exclusively for distribution in the United States of America.
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