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>Exceptional performance and protection

Exclusive, chemically hardened optical glass places a transparent shield in front of the lens for superior lens protection in all situations while the UV properties of the glass filters out haze which improves scenic photography.

Shooting out in the elements can be hazardous. The HD2 filter can hold up to more impact than standard protection filters. From blowing sand in the desert or at the beach to rain falling in a tropical forest, HD2s can handle harsh conditions.*

The exclusive Hoya HD2 16-layer multi-coating is found only in the UV and Protector and Circular Polarizer. This multi-coating process reduces reflections and greatly increases light transmission through the filter glass. The top layer is especially hard coated and more durable making it scratch and stain resistant and water repellent. The HD2 multi-coating does all this while maintaining an average light transmission rate of 99.35%.

HOYA HD2 UV filters have an ultra-low profile frame that is compatible with a wide array of super-wide and ultra-wide angle lenses. Even though the frame is thin it still has a full front filter thread that can accept a normal lens cap or stack filters

The HD2 series plus the EVO ANTISTATIC and NXT series filters are manufactured by Hoya exclusively for distribution in the United States of America.

*Neither Hoya nor it's US distributor recommend exposing camera gear to wind-blown sand, dirt or rain. While the filter can handle these conditions other pieces of equipment may not. Use common sense and take precautions when photographing in harsh conditions or inclement weather.

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