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Make white puffy clouds pop in backgrounds of deep blue skies. Remove the surface sheen from water to see what is beneath. Enhance scenic and travel photos with the Hoya EVO Circular Polarizer filter.

Precision made with the highest quality standards, the Hoya EVO Circular Polarizer filter houses its polarizing film within clear optical glass to maintain the sharpness and contrast of the lens. The glass has Hoya's S-HMC super multi coating to further reduce the chance of reflections.

Circular polarizing filters give scenic photography more punch by darkening blue skies so that white clouds and foliage stand out. Light rays become polarized when traveling through moisture and pollution in the atmosphere as well as when it reflects off nonmetallic surfaces. A polarizing filter absorbs polarized light and helps remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water.”

All Hoya EVO filters have very low-profile aluminum filter frames to house the glass and keep it perfectly parallel to the plane of the CCD or COS sensor while providing enough rigidity to hold up to years of use. The low-profile frame also makes the filters compatible with a wide array of super and ultra wide-angle lenses.
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